Carle Place Foreclosure Attorney

Homeowners facing foreclosure need to know how the legal process works and what opportunities, obligations, and advantages exist for the defendant in a foreclosure lawsuit. Whether you seek to retain the home or surrender the home, Attorney Fiorelli has the experience and knowledge to help you choose which direction and plan best suits you.

Attorney Fiorelli has obtained great success for her clients by applying her extensive knowledge from mortgage banking and law experience spanning over 35 years.

If you choose to retain the home and reach a settlement with the bank through a loan modification or repayment plan or other plan, you need a professional who is familiar with the mortgage loan documents and programs available to you.

If you choose to surrender the home to the bank, you will need to know the difference between a deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, or other plans available for you.

Our foreclosure defense attorney will walk you through your options to help you make an informed decision about your present and future.